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We accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover.) Your credit card payment will be processed by PayPal, which handles all communications regarding product ordering, billing and shipping - and has sole access to your credit card information. Proceed with your payment with your credit card or by entering your PayPal account, user/password information or open a personal PayPal account.

If you prefer to pay from your PayPal account but you're using PayPal for the first time, just fill out the single page of information when you make your purchase. After that, you'll only need your PayPal login to make a purchase. There's no need to re-enter your information or create multiple usernames and passwords each time you buy.

PayPal securely stores your payment information and makes purchasing fast both online and in-store.


If your total order is more than $100  the shipping and handling are free.

How we calculate S&H fees is shown in the following chart.

$ 1 - $ 4.94 $ 6.95
$ 4.95 - $ 9.75 $ 8.95
$ 9.76 - $ 38.25  $ 12.95
$ 38.26 - $ 99.99 $ 18.95
 $ 100 - more FREE

The quantity of items available (in stock) is shown individually for each item at our website.

Our shopping basket remembers the actual quantity of each item in stock and will not process your order if you input more quantity than is available.

When you order different items with different prices, you pay only the one shipping cost for your combined order. If your total order is more than $100 the shipping and handling is free.

Some of our items are so hard to find that we regrettably cannot carry back orders.

All items are shipped to United States customers by First Class Mail (3-5 business days). For shipping to other countries please see the information below.


To send merchandise to other countries please forward a request to us with a list of the items you wish to purchase. We will calculate the shipping cost and email the cost estimate to you.

All such orders use PayPal ( www.paypal.com ) for payment and follow steps provided to you along with the cost estimate.

Shipments to other countries are made through Express or Global US Mail, and may be significantly more costly than those made within the United States.

Have other questions? Please contact us.


It's a common practice in the mail-order shipping industry to charge "shipping and handling", to reflect the costs of both postage and the supplies and labor involved in fulfilling customer orders. The problem is, many customers tend to ignore the "handling" part of "shipping and handling" believing that suppliers should charge them only the actual postage costs.

Mail supplies (envelopes, labels), packaging, trip to Post Office (employee time, gasoline, car insurance), processing of your credit card order (about 3% of the total price) cost money - costs that, for a firm to remain profitable, are almost universally passed onto the end customer.

We want to make sure that our customers do understand that these costs are passed onto them, and they do not mistakenly believe that postage they see on the shipping label is the only our expense.

We want our customers to focus on the quality of our products, not the cost of shipping and handling fees. To avoid creating customer confusion and make sure our customers receive a completely satisfying experience doing business with us, we acknowledge that the price on the shipping label might be less than the price of Shipping and Handling fees we charge for the order.

However, when the customer has multi-item order, the S & H fees could be actually less, than the cost of shipping fees alone. That might reflect the discount for buying several different items on the same invoice.


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