GAME CATEGORY: Outplay Game.

GROUP OF GAMES: Matching Games.

THE AIM OF THE PLAYERS: To make another player unable to move a card.

SIMILAR GAMES: The Heirs, Chess, Checkers, or Draughts.


TIME TO PLAY: 10-20 minutes.

CARDS: 32 cards from Six Generations deck. Only cards with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 are used.


DEALER: There is no dealer.

: One player takes 16 red cards (girls), and another player 16 black cards (boys).

RULES: The rules are almost the same as in the "The Heirs" card game. But in the beginning, instead of placing all the cards in random face-down on the board (as in "The Heirs"), each player place one of his or her card face-up at any square during the turn, until the players dispose all their cards.

In the second part of the game the players move their cards on the board, utilizing the same rules, as in "The Heirs" card game, skipping the part with opening the cards from face-down to face-up position.

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Click here and open the page with a board. Print this page two times. You will get total of four pages. Cut the top edges from the second pages and glue them to the bottom of the first pages. Turn the second set upside down, cut it's left edge and glue to the right edge of the first set. You will get 4x8 playing board for several card games with Six Generations playing cards.

You may need adjust your printer to print larger area with less borders. However, you should not try to adjust the image to fit it for printing on one page, because it will scale down the size of the playing squares.